Tips for a Healthy You

Here are my suggestions for  a healthier you.

Of course check with your Doctor first before changing anything of a dietary or physical nature.

Putting in a garden from scratch can take time, energy, and physical strength.  Therefore it is really important to keep yourself in the best possible shape so that you can garden without tearing, straining, or just hurting yourself.

Putting in a garden is extremely satisfying.  But, you do have to put in some physical effort  preparing the soil for planting, planting, & staking etc..  Once the garden is planted, it is pretty easy to take care of and to enjoy, but your will still be standing, bending, reaching being stretched and warmed up is a great way to start.

Garden stretches, (see video, Morning stretches) should be done each morning before you walk outside.   These stretches lubricate joints, wake up your muscles, make you feel better, and help you prevent injury to yourself.   They only take  minutes but do your body a world of good.

Before you walk outside, drink a tall glass of water.   Being hydrated helps your body in so many ways.  We are made mostly of water so it is imperative that we keep hydrated.

A good morning meal will give you stamina, energy and nourishment.  Remember you have fasted all night so putting nutrients back into your body is also important.

A good breakfast should consist of a protein, some carbs (not from processed food), such as potatoes or fresh whole grain bread.

One of my favorite breakfast’s is a egg white omelet with lots of diced vegi’s, whole wheat toast with a dollop of fruit sweetened jelly and a small glass of juice.

If I am out in the garden for over an hour, I will take a break and eat some raw vegi’s with hummus or some fruit with lots of water.   It is so important to take breaks when working in the sun.   In the cooler days of spring it is easy to keep working without a break, so set a timer if need be, but take breaks with food and drink.