Welcome to Free Garden Reviews.  This site was developed to review sites, equipment, tools, seeds and books as well as other  related Home Garden necessities.

We strive to bring you the latest in Garden tools, technology, and information pertaining to developing, growing and caring for a Home Garden.

It is our hope that all the content in this site is of immense value to you and that your Garden will flourish and provide an abundance of organic produce for you and your family, giving you better health and longevity.

I have been gardening since I was a little girl back in the 50’s.   Lots of things have changed since that time but the one thing that has not changed is the value of home grown vegetables, fruits and flowers to the gardener and to the family.   Organic   home-grown produce  are larger, filled with more nutrition and packed with deep rich flavors not found in ordinary produce.  The act of Gardening has many health benefits to the Gardner themselves.

Check out the Health benefits of Gardening:

Try the Heirloom varieties of tomatoes, potatoes, and all the other produce.   The descriptions of each of the vegetables, fruit and edible flowers are under the description section of this site.  Heirlooms have unique properties not found in todays produce at the local markets.

See section on Heirloom varieties:

This site will also go deeper into the organic lifestyle giving you articles on Grass fed beef compared to grain or corn fed beef.   How chickens are raised and the impact on the environment and your health.

This site is free to all who visit.   The opinions are based on my experience as a gardener over the past 30+ years and from other authorities in the business.

Enjoy and Happy Gardening.     Today is the beginning of a beautiful journey.   May the passion of Gardening bloom in your heart forever.

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